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The Davis Companies
Union Trust Building

Pittsburgh, PA

Newly acquired landmark building needing re-boot

as vibrant downtown destination

for work and play

Reinvent the Office Lobby +

Plug and Play
Pour and Play

Party and Play

"Coffee then Cocktails" Bar

The BIG IDEA for the VAULT: The Man Cave

Leaving the walls lined with the safe deposit boxes & creating a sexy hidden bar for the BOYS, with crafted cocktails and a limited menu, that doesn’t require a real kitchen.  Think dark, sexy and fun. Ladies invited of course.

Attract office users & make it an urban heartbeat destination

Use What's There
The Theatre: TED Talks or teQ Talks

•Weekly TED Talk style 18 minute presentations

•Add a social aspect

•Talk Ticket includes a drink

•Partner with the teQ Council

Now Open, CBRE deal

Now Open, CBRE deal

Make the lobby an event

space on weekends

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